Screen Test #81

The highly caffeinated Cinema Playground: Screen Test #81. Three coffee-related movie quotes.

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Screen Test #80 - Oscar Edition

We bring you three Oscar-related trivia questions

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We're serving up three food-related movie quotes on the Cinema Playground: Screen Test #79!

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On Cinema Playground: Screen Test #78, we bring you three character sounds... Can you name the character and the movie?


If you like this one be sure to check out episodes #37 and #69.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! It's another Christmas-themed Cinema Playground Screen Test!

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It's a Christmas Miracle! 3 Christmas related movie quotes on the Cinema Playground Screen Test #76!

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From the theater archives... three more movie quotes plus trivia on the Cinema Playground: Screen Test #75! 

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...but wait there's more! 3 Quotes AND 3 trivia questions on this week's Cinema Playground Screen Test #74!

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In honor of this weekend's Academy Awards, listen to one of my favorite Cinema Playground Screen Test podcasts, the Oscar Trivia Edition (#15) from March 2006, recorded with Stunt Double Andy.

One of the trivia questions is no longer accurate. Can you name which one and why?

Also, in another bit of trivia, this was only one of two podcasts that had a co-host, and only one of two that used trivia instead of movie clips.

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3 fan favorite movie quotes on this week's Cinema Playground: Screen Test 72!

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